HE Service Offices

Important Alerts

1- One of the main tasks assigned to the offices of higher education services provide documented information and the creation of academic seats in institutions of higher education recognized by the ministry and follow up the study of the students to those institutions (preferably see the regulations governing the work of the Higher Education Services office items).

2- Make sure the office granted him a license validity by the ministry before taking up any educational institution and not to deal with the office is licensed to provide higher education services.

3- the need to read the contract service request "hold the completion of a transaction called a" good and careful to be aware of all the conditions contained in, before signing it, with the need to keep a copy of the contract.

4- Ensure that the educational institution where you wish to study and study programs are recognized by the ministry.

5- The list of offices subject to change in accordance with the latest developments and decisions regarding LICENSED.


HE Service Offices