Privacy Policy

The privacy and trust of those who visit the website of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Sultanate of Oman is a highly significant issue to us. Hence, no personal information can be obtained from this site unless otherwise formally submitted on behalf of those in any activity on this site which requires the submission of such personal information.

Access to information

Our website requires personal information that is necessary in order to provide information or services an individual requires. By ‘personal information’, it is meant any information relevant to a known person or possible to identify as being the subject of this information, which is the same information that a person may submit when he visiting platforms of e-government and also when filling in slots requiring the person's name, address and phone number. We also collect statistical information so as to help us recognize how people use our website in order to continue improving and developing our services. The information obtained would have no any connection to any particular person and the personal profiles of people shall not be ever accessible by those browsing the website. It is also like that you are requested to participate in evaluating and examining, all on voluntary basis and shall not bring any impact on the uses of other privileges of this site.

The use of information

The Ministry of Higher Education collects for the sake of good response to requests that appear on this site. You might be responded to directly, or your email and some other information about might be retained by the Information Technology Authority or it submitted to the concerned authorities in order to be able to respond to the request. The information provided on surveys are exclusively used for that purpose only.