External Scholarship

External Scholarship

Divided into missions and external grants to foreign missions, which has two full category (a) or (b), and give (give full and partial) Introduction of brotherly and friendly countries.The details are as follows:

In turn are divided into:
Scholarship full: It means the opportunity offered by the government represented by the Ministry of Higher Education or from one of the other government agencies or quasi-governmental or private to one Omani students for university study abroad for a university degree in a discipline specific a mission study into two categories, namely:
Mission category (a): includes all exchange allocations and allowances provided for in the law of the missions, grants, study grants and its implementing regulations.
Mission category (b): These include the exchange of missions (5) things that only a (LCA monthly + cost of living allowance + school fees up to a maximum twenty thousand U.S. dollars + health insurance allowance or treatment + tickets).
Scholarship: It means the opportunity offered by one of our sister or friendly to the student Omani winning General Education Diploma or its equivalent through the Ministry of Higher Education to continue his university studies at a university in the States for the qualification of university in the specialty selected, in accordance with the conditions stated there.Two types of scholarships: -
grant full: are those that provide for the donor country to assume all tuition fees and living costs, travel and treatment throughout the period of study the student.Has been set as follows:
Some of these bodies bear the expenses related to the study of all student tuition fees or living costs, accommodation, tickets and more.
Some agencies may require that the student choose the college only for specialty Fathddh University after that. It may also require passing tests or interviews or something like that.
Some of these grants may be to get a diploma only.

grant partial: it ensures that the donor to bear the tuition fees only, or tuition fees and part of the cost of living, and are as follows:
either be borne by the donor only tuition fees and student's parent bears the remaining costs.
or the donor to bear the costs of accommodation and subsistence and transportation in addition to tuition costs, and remain on the parent's travel costs, books, pocket money and the like.

Study outside the Sultanate at the expense of the student's:
In the case of the desire of students to study outside the Sultanate at his own expense, it is first necessary to continue with the Department of Foreign Missions Directorate General of missions, the Ministry of Higher Education to identify the programs and educational institutions recognized by the concerned authorities in the Sultanate so as to avoid loss of effort, money and time on the student to be able to continue his studies by the university.
And he shall register in the system of missions through the links to the services for students (studying at their own expense) the website of the Ministry of Higher Education www.mohe.gov.om.
General observations wishing to compete for missions:
- It is better that the applicant must have the IELTS (IELTS), especially for those who wish to compete for the programs of foreign missions in foreign countries.
- For further information should communicate with the General Directorate of the Ministry of missions of higher education.
- To know the programs and the countries of emission for all the missions of the category (a) and Category (b) as well as grants from friendly countries refer to the Admission Centre at the following email www.heac.gov.om/

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