Vision & Mission

The Ministry of Higher Education Vision Statement

To ensure quality Higher Education that meets the requirements for sustainable development.

Mission Statement of the Ministry

To promote a Higher Education system that: a) keeps pace with developments and changes in today’s world; b) meets the requirements of sustainable development in the Knowledge Era, while preserving the cultural identity of Omani society; and, c) contributes to the progress and development of humankind

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop an overall administrative framework and increase its efficiency in ensuring an effective response to ongoing changes and developments;
  • To meet the ever-growing demand for seats in Higher Education from increasing numbers of qualified General Education Diploma graduates, as well as from the general public;
  • To increase the efficiency of Oman’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in order to achieve high quality standards aligned with economic and social development requirements and national and global trends;
  • To enhance the capacity of Oman’s in research and development;
  • To promote Higher Education and keep the public informed of the Ministry’s mandate and responsibilities.