Initiatives & Projects of higher education

  • The Graduates Survey System

The Graduates Survey System is an instrument that allows the Ministry to collect data on graduates’ whereabouts and their competency to enter the job market. This research is carried out by the means of an e-questionnaire uploaded to the website of the Graduates Survey System. The launch of this system comes as a coronation of two years of work by a team that developed the theoretical framework of the survey; designed the questionnaire, and tested it. In addition, a database was built for the targeted graduates, as well as an electronic survey system and a website specifically designed for the project.

The survey has already covered graduates from private universities and colleges of the academic years 2002/2003, 2004/2005, and 2007/2008. The survey is now launched for the graduates of the academic years 2009/2010, and 2010/2011. The survey is expected to provide valuable data and indicators on the link between higher education and the job market, which in turn provides Higher Education Institutions with feedback on the skills, competencies and specialisations of graduates that are required by the job market. It also allows for these institutions, if required, to enrich and enhance their program offerings. In addition, the research results provide key decision makers and stakeholders in the Higher Education sector with data and indicators that can assist them in the development of research based policies. Furthermore, the results provide (future) graduates and professional advisory institutions, students, their parents and families, as well as the society at large, with valuable information.

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  • Higher Education Statistical System

The Higher Education Statistical System is managed by the Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC); it is an electronic system designed to collect and disseminate detailed data about students, academics and administrators in all Higher Education Institutions in the Sultanate about Omani students who (will) study abroad, financial data on each Higher Education Institution, as well as data on graduated students. The HEAC also verifies, documents, and provides data to Higher Education Institutions, government entities, research and study centers as well other concerned entities.

  • The Omani American Summer Students Exchange Program 2012

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