External Scholarships FAQ's

What are the foreign universities recognized by MoHERI?

A list recognized and recommended universities is found at : www.mohe.gov.om

What are institutions that offer distance learning programs?

Recognized distance learning HEIs include:

  • Institute of Research and Arabic Studies (Egypt)
  • St. Joseph  University (Lebanon)
  • Beirut Arab University
How can admission to distance learning programs be obtained?

Admission in such programs at Arab HEIs can be obtained through higher education services agencies. Students seek admission in foreign HEIs by themselves.

What are the conditions of admission to a graduate scholarship?
  • The candidate has to be an Omani citizen.
  • The candidate has to be a holder of a University Degree  or a Diploma recognized in Oman and equivalent to two-year study or (60 ) credit hours.
  • The candidate has to be at least twenty-five years old.
  • If an employee for the public or private sector, the candidate should have a non-objection letter from his workstation. If not, the candidate has to submit an unemployment declaration.
What are the procedures of degree and certificate equivalency?

A special form of equivalency has to be filled in online ate the Ministry's website then all related supporting documents(e.g. previous certificates and all post-secondary school   score transcripts) have to be submitted to the Ministry, along with the candidate passport so as to fulfill  the process quickly.

What are the procedures adopted for certificate approval?

Copies of certificates are sent to the Cultural Attaché in their country of origin attached to an authorization letter on behave of the student. A template of this letter is available on the Ministry's website. Of course, the students should have a study profile for this process to proceed.

Is the system of distance learning programs applied by Moroccan and Tunisian universities?

Both countries do not offer distance learning programs whether at the Bachelor, Masters or PhD level.