Internal Scholarships FAQ's

How long does a Diploma scholarship last?

A scholarship period is specified according to the period specified in the admission letter issue by the target institution to which a candidate is sent in accordance with the scholarships scheme.


In case the scholarship came to an end before finishes the requirements of the Diploma degree, what does the student have to do?

In such cases, the student may be awarded two-semester extension added to the original period of the scholarship.


In case a student failed to finish his study for any reason,what does he have to do?

The student may postpone his study (while enrolled in the academic program) for two successive or separate semesters. These shall be no be considered as part of the scholarship period. In this regard, he has to follow the following procedure:


-He has to submit a request to his institution asking tom postpone his study. The requested has to be submitted at least two week prior to the semester commencement. He has to fill in a special form showing the reason(s) of his request. Supportive documents have to be attached to this form. The institution gives its feedback on the application and forwards it to the Internal Scholarships Office for verification

What can a student do in case of finishing the extra course of study in the Foundation Program while still incapable of meeting requirements to enroll in the academic Program?

He has to apply for one-semester postponement so as to accomplish the remaining requirements by studying at his own expense.

Is a student permitted to transfer from the institution he is studying at to another institution?

A student can move to another institution following the Internal Scholarships Office approval, if he can provide documents that acknowledge compulsive social/ financial circumstances. These have to be approved by competent official entities. Sometimes, other reasons may also be considered by the MoHERI. At all events, the following criteria are also considered:

  • Transfer should be likely to delay the transferee’s graduation on the designate time;
  • All courses and language levels studied by the transferee at the original institution have to be equivalent to those to be studied at the target institution;
  • A vacant seat has to be available at the target institution;
  • The MoHERI does not have to stand for any consequent financial expenses.
What are the transfer procedures?

A special application form has to be filled in and submitted to the institution the student is currently studying at. Then, the institution shall contact the Internal Scholarships Office for this regard.


Can a student change the specialization he is currently studying in?

Yes, he can do so within the same institution provided that he meets the following conditions:

  • The student has to apply for changing his current specialization at least two weeks prior to study commencement. He has to fill in the application form specific for this purpose.
  • The institution and Internal Scholarships Office have to approve the student’s  transfer to the alternative specialization.

The MoHERI does not have to stand for any consequent financial expenses.

What does a student have to do if he wants to withdraw his admission?

The student has to fill in the relevant application form and submit it to the institution, which in turn shall forward to the Internal Scholarships Office covered by letter showing the institution evaluation. The student has to return all his official documents to the relevant institution following the Internal Scholarships Office approval of his withdrawal application.

Under what conditions a scholarship is cancelled?

A scholarship may be cancelled under any of the following conditions:

  1. If the candidate fails to join the Program for more than three weeks without providing an acceptable excuse;
  2. If the student went absent for more than three week  without an acceptable excuse;
  3. On the expiry of the whole period due for the study;
  4. If the student finishes an extra semester at the institution other than the designated period of the Foundation Program and still unable to finish it and join the acidic Program, without applying to postpone his enrollment until he finishes the Foundation Program by studying at his own expense;
  5. If the student is dismissed from the institution where he studies at.
  6. If the student fails in the Foundation Program or the Academic Program so recurrently that he will not be able to graduate in time even with extension.

If the student commits an evidence-based violation of the laws, bylaws and applicable regulations.

What allowances that students on full scholarships are eligible for?

A student on a full scholarship is eligible for a monthly allowance paid at the beginning of every month commencing form the first month of his enrollment.


When is the monthly allowance for students on full scholarships suspended?

This occurs in the following conditions:

  1. On leaving their study without an acceptable excuse;
  2. Finishing their study or postponing it;
  3. Graduation or withdrawal.
Under what conditions students have to pay for their tuition fees?

This occurs if a student:

  1. Re-enrolls a  course that has already failed twice;
  2. Misses the exam because of absence or chatting;
  3. Waives any of the courses without the MoHERI’s approval following the time specified for such deletion;
  4. Exhausts the whole time for extension and undertakes to continue his study at his own expense. The MoHERI will suspend all expenditures and extra cost (tuition fees and monthly allowance).
  5. Does not attend the final exams of any semester without giving an acceptable excuse.
What are the main student’s obligations that he has to maintain?

A student on a scholarship undertakes to:

  1. Show respect to the educational institution and public norms and ethics and ahs to comply with regulations issued by the institution;
  2. Attend classes and carry out his study regularly ; exerts genuine effort; and performs any required exercises;
  3. Finish his study within allocated period and attends all related activities regularly;
  4. Mange his accommodation, catering, transportation, etc. in the most convenient and plausible manner;
  5. Attend the induction Program organized by  the institution;
  6. Be fully aware of the system and study plan furnished by the institution;
  7. A student shall be warned if he goes absent from his study without an acceptable excuse. A copy of the warning letter shall be sent to the Internal Scholarships Office and the student’ guardian.